Exhibition Information

Artist: Ariel Maldonaldo

Exhibition: SOA Holiday Gift Sale

Media: Plants, Ceramic, dye

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instragram: ariel__maldonado


About the Artist:

This week in the Gatov- East Gallery I got to meet Ariel Maldonado who is a fourth year at California State University of Long Beach. Ariel will be finishing her major in a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics in this coming year. Ariel became interested in art during her earlier years in high school when she took a ceramic class. After completing high school she wanted to pursue her degree in art and focused on ceramics. Her passion for ceramic started with her opportunity in high school. After she is done with her undergraduate she would like to move onto artist residency around the world before she settle down. Afterward if possible she would like to become an artist assistance and work her way up in the artist world. I’m glad I got to meet Ariel Maldonado she was very friendly and her artwork captured my interest.

Formal Analysis:

The artwork made by Ariel Maldonado at the Holiday Gift Sales were composed of seventy items ranging from wall designs, bowls, vase, and succulent plants in pots. The colors incorporated in the each ceramics item are calm, soft, and balancing. The colors are not bold, but it does draw attention for viewers looking for simple and a creative design. The ceramic potteries for plants are colorful and not overpowering, the succulent are cute and tiny with different selective variety of species. Some of the plates made by Ariel are wall designs that are not met to be use for food. The plates have gold rims and a smooth flatness to the artwork. The designs vary for each an every item crafted.

Content Analysis:

The seventy items Ariel Maldonado created took her one whole week to complete. She worked on the items during Thanksgiving Break. Most of the item she made are pieces that she is comfortable with making and using coloring that are dark and soft to created a balance in each ceramic pieces. The color for each of the ceramic are painted on very well and came out of the fire Kiln nicely.


The gallery was filled with new and familiar artwork from previous exhibition. Many were very creative and displayed the compatibility of the different art department at CSULB. I enjoyed Ariel succulent plants with her colorful pottery displayed. When I look at the art piece I see hard work and motivation to keeping moving forward in life. The plants are place in a new home in the pottery made by Ariel and the plants must strive to survive and grow. The plant design is creative and something I enjoyed from viewing the gallery. Its was a pleasant experience to talk to Ariel Maldonado and maybe one day I will run into her one of her art pieces in the future.