Finger Painting

In the beginning I did not know what I wanted to paint with my fingers. I decided to put on some random classical music and go with the flow for the activity. I would rate the difficulty level for this activity intermediate. I have three different colors of paint black, blue, and orange. The orange paint dried out it became something rubbery. In my finger painting I only used the colors black and blue. When I applied my first stroke of paint I tried to make the stroke horizontal and long. To paint with my finger requires extra time and work to spread the paint. To blend the color and make the paint move more easily I added water to the paint while I applied it to the poster. I would call my little artwork A Little Bit of Everything. I would recommend this type of activity for other students who have time to spare and need some form of relaxation or focus. After completing the finger paint I feel less stressed and relaxed. I wish I could have incorporated the orange color to add some pop to the activity. But the cool color and dark color work for my creativity.