This week for classmate conversation I got to meet Samantha Gomez, who goes by Sam. Currently this is her third semester at CSULB at the moment her major is undeclared, but she is considering Kinesiology. Some hobbies of Sam are running, drawing, reading. Sam favorite genre for books is fiction on any topic besides non-fiction. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam and learning about her answer on the QTW.

The question for this week, “ Describe what the college experience will be like for a student in 2036”? I think in future classrooms advance technologies will be seen more often in the setting, which will maybe be consider normal for the future. The way that the classroom has been structure will continue to be the same in the future and accommodating for modern styles. In a classroom there is the professor, the student, and a more improve projector to teach classroom lessons. Sam opinion on the future of 2036, she talks about a movie called Back to the Future, where society was run by robot in the future. We also talk about the Disney movie Walle where human on earth had to relocate to a new planet, however were living in space on a space ship. In space people will surrounded by technology being in absorb into the lifestyle forgetting our the simple things in life. But even through technology created a different environment it also gave people the opportunity to socialize on a different level. The question for this week was interesting; I do wonder what will become of the classroom setting in the future of 2036.