The art activity for this week is using Instragram. The whole class has to hash tag their photos to the group page on Instragram (#art110of16). My photos are composed of nature scenery on campus at CSULB. The photos I took are of scenery that made my day peaceful by taking a step back and looking around my environment and enjoy the small things. The photos that are on the group page have many similarities. I would categorize the theme as a student life in college. The need to learn, make money, and survive can be seen from the photos. The photos shows the bright side to life as a student, with the click of the shutter the student are snapping positive pictures and capturing the beauty of that one moment in place. The photos have a connection even through it is not visible we are connecting on a different level using media of our generation to create a form of art and socializing.Screen Shot 2016-12-04 at 6.01.40 PM.png