Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Foam, Paint, wired plastic film

Gallery: Dennis W. Dutch Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: None

About the Artist:

This week I got to meet with Sage Garver. She is majoring in a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a focus on Sculpture. Before pursuing Sculpture Garver was majoring in painting and illustration, the major did not work out so she decided to switch major. Sculpture is her passion now and after graduation she wishes to continue in this field of practice. She wants to continue to put of illustration of work and become a freelance artist. It was a pleasure to meet her.

Formal Analysis:

The exhibition of this week is called, “BIO” by Sage Garver. The gallery is painted white along each of the walls, small particulate can be located and identified as cells that can be only be found in living organism. Some of the cells can be identified as blood cells, mitochondria, and endoplasmic reticulum etc. In the center of the gallery hanging down from the center of the ceiling is a intricate gold wire that surround a center piece that is shiny. At the end of the gold wire is a golden fork.

Content Analysis:

The gallery is a representation of the Garver previous illnesses. One wall that has a summary page of Garver exhibition the wall is blank and it only has one biological cell. Garver say it is a transition from good health or to bad health. Garver wants to express the lost time when she was sick as a chance to finally to be able to enjoy the time she has now. The fork in the center of the gallery expresses issues of food. With illnesses comes with many issues and eating properly can be an issues to the illness. Since Garver is not sick she wants to do the things she could not do before.


The human anatomy and cells always amazes me how something so tiny yet complex can create and allow us to function correctly. The gallery is simple, but at the center of the gallery the so called heart or nucleus stands out with it shiny metallic color, which complement the plain white tiny structure and forms on the wall. The center of the gallery and the center of a person are a nucleus if not the heart the main systematic infrastructure that control the body. But sometime the nucleus can malfunction that can have consequences on the human health. After talking with Sage Garver I got to understand that illness take a long time to heal and that it can affect us in the long term limiting our ability to participant in activities. When we do get better the time that is given to us should not be wasted and used to our fullest potential.