Art Care Package


Who do I want to send my art care package too? I do not know who I want to send the art care package to, but I want to send it to someone I haven’t talk to in a long time. I’m going to send the art package to an old friend of mine who lives in San Diego. The images I included in the art package represent motivation and strength to move forward in life. What I included in my package is a pin that say laugh more and a bundle of ropes. When I am sad I would wear the pin to smile more the reason I am sending it away is for my friend to smile and be happy. Hopefully she keeps it and looks back on her memento from old memories. My favorite image is the ocean image where the water is calm. By looking at that image I am able to relax and breathe and escape the world. Sending mail through the postal services takes times and sending a snapchat takes seconds. The difference between the two is by sending actual mail a person put a lot of time into putting the package together. Instead of sending quick snippet of a moment in my life to someone I can send something deeper than that. Sending a package through mail is similar to snapchat, but I feel like receiving a hard copy of something is more significant than electronic copies. I can have a hard copy forever, touch, and observe and inspect every detail to my heart content. Ephemera can be trash, but to me it is precious it may not have any value for the world. Ephemera can create a bond between friends or stranger to be closer and the communication created is significant to the two. The language in between the letters is a different language creates between the two people only understood personally. The ACP I send to someone is different than a artwork in a gallery because it would mean more to me personally if it reaches the person I want to share myself to. Having a audience from the world view my ephemera will be interpret differently and personally I would want to keep it private. In my ACP I took the time to pick and choose what I want to send to my friend. Every thought I put into it comes from the bottom of my heart. By sending a package it will make a strong impact then a snapchat that can be sent within seconds. The ACP was interesting and I would not mind sending another package.


-Linney Sar