Today I got to meet Pamela Ajoste. She is a third year majoring in nursing. Some hobbies she likes is hiking and trying different cuisines. Out of all the cuisines she tried her most favorite is Asia cuisines the most. I was able to ask her about, “ q1Would she be supportive of your child wanting to pursue an art career”. Ajoste responded that no matter what her child decide she would fully support her child in any career. The reason behind her decision was putting herself in a situation where her parent would not allow her to pursue her chosen career. Being force to do something you don’t like will make a person very unhappy. Parents and their child have two separate life. The parent will not live a child life nor would the child. Ajoste will support her child decision if her child decides on pursuing art. It was great meeting Pamela Ajoste and the Japanese garden was peaceful.1041