Week 8- Art Activity – Sketching @ CSULB Japaneses Garden

The environment for this week for the art activity is different and more relaxing. The Japanese garden is a great place to relax, focus, and feel inspired. The garden was filled with people and lively duck in the man made pond along with the beautiful healthy large Koi fishes. The art activity this week is practicing sketching. I focus on a leaf, Japanese garden lantern, ducks, and the vegetation growing out of the pond. Sketching takes practice, having eye and hand coordination, and patience. I tried my best with the sketches they are not that great, but interesting in their own way. During my sketches I used a sketch pencil only without any eraser to erase any of my mistake. I just kept on sketching when I came across minor mistakes I kept going. Sketching is not easy definitely need a lot of practice. I enjoyed my time at the garden I was able to concentrate fully in the garden absorbing in the environment and the sound of the water, wind, and chattering of the duck and people around me. When I have free time maybe I will go to the garden again to sketch if not some other place that is restful too.