Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport

Media: Video, photography, projection, decal, application (Apps)

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marylin Werby Gallery

Website: In Progress

Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Ralph Acosta grew up in Los Angeles one of his favorite iconic place since he was young was the Los Angeles Airport. Acosta is part of CSULB three-year programs working toward a Master in Fine Arts. Currently this is his last year at CSULB and the exhibition Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport is part of his thesis for his master program. Acosta has many fond memories of the LA Airport form the 1960s’ and 1970s’ in his thesis he wants to incorporate the genuine architect of the airport to be apart of his thesis. Ralph Acosta was very informative about his exhibition, putting in a lot of time and work into this amazing exhibition.

Formal Analysis

Exhibition Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport was viewed at CSULB Marylin Werby Gallery. The first component of the exhibition introduces the architect of the Los Angeles Airport in the 1960s’ and the 1970s’. The shapes of some of the airport structure were emphasizes in the photos. An example would be the cubic shapes from one of the wall structures in the architect. The cubic shape in the exhibition is emphasized to help formulate a rubric for a new letter font. An image in the gallery shows ideas on improvement in the airports focusing on changing and incorporated new letter font on destination signs. To help improve international symbol for arriving flights, departing flights, and baggage area.

Content Analysis

Ralph Acosta theme for his exhibition is focus on the Los Angeles Airport.Before all the reconstructions of the LA Airport most of the architect was retro and part of the early 1960s’ and 1970s’ styles. Acosta grew up during that time and he feel passionate about that time period. One thing that Acosta addresses was during the 1970s’ the airport was considered as a place for romance. A place to take a lover or someone on a date, however with the expansion of the airport the old meaning of the airport has changed. Instead of being a friendly place of wonder the airport is a hostile area of confusion, frustration, and long hours of waiting. In his exhibition he want to incorporate the past architect in improving the airport. Using the cubic shapes Acosta has created a new font called, “ Runway Gothic Medium” to bring back the same feeling he had when he was younger. To incorporate his ideas into improving the airport destination signs he specially added the color orange to give the signs a pop. Ralph Acosta is passionate about his thesis and he truly appreciate the architect of the old LA Airport and to keep the memories alive he want to incorporate an amazing exhibition full of ideas of the old airport into the modern improve of the airport.

Synthesis/ My Experience

The gallery that hosted Ralph Acosta exhibition was different from other art gallery I seen. When I entered the gallery I was confused and I did not know what to expect. I read the introduction and walk through the gallery. The artist Ralph Acosta was approachable and kindly gave us a little tour of his exhibition. Acosta was descriptive about his project and how it relates to him personally. Having him talk about the work he would like to achieve is amazing. In the way Acosta talk about his project he is a hard working artist who is passionate in his field of expertise. Expressing his love for the early periods he wants to expressed that same feeling for his audience an those who grew up around that time period. I really like the creative font and the new logo for the airport. The signs are much easier to understand and definitely make waiting at the airport a easier process to get through. Thank to Ralph Acosta for his mini tour I was able to seen a aspiring artist who is passionate with his artwork.


Ralph Acosta


Environmental Graphic


Font: Runway Gothic Medium


Baggage Claim Sign