Graffiti writing is an interesting art form. I do not have the talent for it, but the activity was a fun experience. Before I go crazy with the spray can, I need to trace the outline of my name first. On my first cardboard I traced my name to small not enough room to outline the letters with the spray paint. The outline I made looked nice in pencil, but when I sprayed the outline the letters became illegible. I went to the store and got another cardboard since I was unsatisfied with my first cardboard. This time instead of small letters I traced larger letters filling up most of the cardboard. In my art kit I received a red and gold colored spray can. I wanted to outline the words with the gold spray can, however it doesn’t look solid for an outline instead I switch for the red can since the color was bolder. The graffiti writing came out decent and legible. It is not as easy as it look on the graffiti videos examples and kudos to the amazing job for those who pursue graffiti as a hobby or a career. I tried my best at my first graffiti writing, definitely an interesting art activity worth my time.