My partner in this crime of creating beautiful art is my sister. Before I started the automatic drawing I was thinking that two people creating art using only one media that mean it is going to be like a “tug a war”. Instead of trying to control the colored pastel I allowed my sister to choose the direction she wanted to go. In the beginning of the automatic drawing the pastel broke, but we continue the artwork with the smaller piece of the pastel. Some point I would push the pastel to go in a certain direction. During the process my sister and I was having fun and we laughed when the pastel broke. Once the pastel was moving we just felt the flow of the pastel and let it go feely. We did not know how the artwork was going to look like, but we continue drawing until the majority of the paper was filled. After completing the automatic drawing I started smearing the pastel creating a different version of the original work. I started to fill in some of the spaces with the colors green and yellow creating something interesting.img_20160918_171127img_20160918_171110

Before: Automatic Drawing #1


After: Automatic Drawing #2