Exhibition Information

Artist: Carly Lake and May Ta (Talk to May Ta only)

Exhibition: Closer

Media: Acrylic paint, ink, digital media, clay, linoleum print, mixed media, gouache, ball point pen, watercolor, pastel etc.

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instragram: @maypta


May Ta is a current student at California State University, Long Beach. Currently May is working toward a degree in Bachelor of Arts (BFA) majoring in Art Illustration in the College of the Arts (COTA). A little about her background May and her family is from Vietnam. She came to the United States at a young age. Although her future career will be focused on art she was raised in a household full of scientists. May families wanted her to pursue a career in the field of science, however May followed her dreams and decided to become an Art Major.           

In Dutzi gallery the walls are line with different types of artworks. Ranging from different medias working with acrylic paint, ink, digital media, sketches, solid objects (a bed, chair, and shoes), and clay etc. The stage that was set for the gallery was set to portray a living quarter of a person. The colors of the artwork ranged from neutral to cool colors and some artwork had bright colors. The cool and neutral colors on the paintings were usually artwork showing isolation and intimacy. The bright colored painting were abstract an different from the majority of the artwork. The details of the artwork were scripted and painted either with brushes, ink, and or printed through digital media on a smooth surface. If the artwork were not painted on a canvas the artwork was in a frame made of glass or  surrounded by wood.Each artist specializes in different types of art practices and the work of both artist can be seen in the gallery.

Exhibition “Closer” is a collaboration of two artists artwork focusing on the concepts of universal intimacy and at the same time about a person relationship with themselves being alone. Since Carly Lake was not there at the moment, I only interviewed May Ta. In her artwork May want to portray a person relationship with other and the personal relationship a person have with themselves. The feeling of being alone will always exist alongside with intimacy with others. The artwork shows a person in their private space of solitude. The setting of the gallery is set as a person room. Looking into the idea of a person personal place show a side of privacy between intimacy an understanding of aloneness and isolation.

When I walk into the Dutzi gallery I noticed a bed and a centerpiece since those were the largest items in the room. I walk around the room looking at each artwork to create an understanding of the artist theme. A painting called, “Estranger” by May Ta draws my attention and I have a feeling of strong isolation in a space that is only confined to the person mind. On this canvas a person is the center of this painting surrounded by different cool colors of blue. Creating a strong message of loneness and isolation. The emotions in “Estranger” help creates an understanding of a person an their true emotion of solitude in their mind. The place created in the mind of a person can only be understood by that person. The artwork was interesting in addressing isolation, which allowed me to relate to my own form of intimacy isolation.


Estranger –May Ta

Acrylic and Ink



May Ta and Estranger


Dutzi – Gallery