Exhibition Information

Artist: Alvaro Alvarez Salazar

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Camera, Canvas, Music, Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: In Progress


About the Artist

During week three for my first artist conversation, I was able to meet an inspiring creative artist named Alvaro Alvarez Salazar. Alvaro is a current student attending California State University of Long Beach majoring in the Art History program. A little more about Alvaro he is from Guatemala he came to the United States around the age of eight. In a new environment different from home back in Guatemala his way of expressing himself was to be creative. In continuing his aspiration when he was small Alvaro excelled in the English language and furthered his education in attaining a college degree. Making his parent proud being the first in his family to go to college.

Alvaro Alvarez Salazar exhibition is called, “ A Response to Classical Music”. In the gallery there are two canvases on the floor. To the left of the gallery is a canvas all in the color of white and to the right of the gallery is another canvas that is black with different colors of paint splattered all over. The white colored canvas have many different objects on the canvas creating a set that has solidness to it beside the flat canvas under the object. However in one of the corner of the canvas there is a paint tray with color on it. To the right the other colored canvas has many brilliant colors that shows spontaneous and randomness. In certain areas of the colored canvas there is a wire and clothing coated in paint on the canvas. What brings the exhibition together is the center of the gallery where a projector is displayed playing a video/media showing Alvaro response to classical music. In this video, classical music can be heard and the song being played during Alvaro acts’ partaking in the creation of his artwork is Beethoven Overture Fidelio.

During our conversation Alvaro described his creation literally as a response to classical music. However the difference between a live show performance and his artwork is that there is no expectation. In a performance the performer practice daily to put a show on and meet expectation of others. With Alvaro artwork his creation is different and he does not feel pressured or extremely stressed out since there is no expectation. His response to classical music is not a dance, but a form of art using his body movement to represent sculpture painting pieces. He wanted his finishing work to be spontaneous because the outcome of his work is something he looks forward to. When Alvaro listens to Beethoven Overture Fidelio he feels like he is in a sort of trance when he can freely do anything, letting his body feel the flow of the music. The video in the gallery is an example to show people who come to the gallery to feel the music and fall into a trance watching Alvaro paint his canvas randomly.

I like how Alvaro incorporate classical music as a main point in his artwork. Watching the video I can feel the spontaneously activity and relate it to the tempo of Fidelio. With every splat of paint I feel it as a beat of Fidelio. The artwork is creative and fun in it own way expressing the artist flow of freely body movements. Having the two canvases in the gallery was interesting, the white canvas in a way help balance the gallery with the colored canvas. And my favorite part to the canvas is the colored paint pan near the white canvas. Reminding the audience that randomness is there to complete the completely white canvas. The artwork is a work that completely represents the author intention in creating a response.303

Left to right: Me, Alvaro Alvarez Salazar, Cladia Sanchezimg_20160907_144053

The projector is displaying Alvaro Salazar before he start his artwork, “A Response to Classical Music”.


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