What better than just making one friend? Meeting two new faces in Art 110. Let me introduce you to Valeria Gonzalez and Claudia Sanchez. Valeria Gonzalez is a third year majoring in Recreation Therapy. A few of her hobbies that she partake in during her free time are reading, dancing, and enjoying her favorite television shows. The question of the week (QTW) addresses, “what type of art has had the most influence on where you are today”? Valeria response to this question relates back to one of her art classes in high school during her sixth period class. Having the art class allowed her to experience art and learn about how art can help with therapy for a person. Majoring in Recreation Therapy was influenced by her art class because art was very therapeutic for her and a motivation for her to move forward.

Claudia Sanchez is an interesting individual she is a transfer student from East Los Angeles College who is majoring in pre-nursing. Claudia favorite hobbies are going to the beach and going to concerts. Her favorite band is Coldplay, which is my favorite band too. Claudia response to the question of the week, is that her most influential muse that had a huge influence on her life is music. She considered music as a form of art that helps her therapeutically especially when she has a lot of stress. In understanding the art of music she is able to express her emotion through the music whether she is happy or sad. When she does not know how to express herself, the music playing at the moment help convey and speak for her of her feelings. The art that has the most influence on her today is music and it is her motivation.


Left to right: Me, Valeria Gonzalez, and Claudia Sanchez


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