Week two of the semester and here my new friend of the day Nkechi Okoroma. Nkechi is a third year majoring in Food Science. A future career she is interested in is pursuing a career as a Sensor Analysis. Nkechi favorite hobbies are cooking, watching movies, and going hiking. The question of the week addresses, “Is art actually important”? We both agreed on the importance of art. Art is important because it exist in the past and will continue to do so in the future making a significance on the human society. Art revolve around everyone in every setting possible. Like a person that is a walking piece of art, we are flexible in being creative in our own way in expressing ourselves. For example, the we dress, how we style our hair, and makeup is in a way like an artwork. Art can be direct and indirect it depend on the person viewpoint on how they see things. But art is definitely important.

Nkechi Okoroma