First art activity of the week at the beach. My work of art today is plaster casting of my hands. My hands are not perfect, but at least I knew I tried my best. The plaster was easy to mix and it hardened really quickly. The most difficult part of the activity was taking my hand out of the sand mold. How do you get your hand out without ruining the mold? I had to pull my hand out really slowly. Some of the sand would collapsed leaving my mold with clumps and bumps.  In the picture below I made at least four hand molds and my most favorite are the ones  I am holding in the picture below. The mixture of the plaster was smooth, but after the plaster hardened  the texture of the hand was rough with the sand. The plaster hardened with some of the sand and seashell.  This activity is very creative I’m glad I got to make myself a new hand that does not work. What I learned about this activity is having another person help you make the job easier. 



Pulling my arm out of the sand mold. My best friend actually step on the sand to hard. 

Picture :Linney 

Here is my amazing hands.