Hello everyone,

Today I am introducing a new face her name is Yesenia Hernandez. She is a fifth year double majoring in Human Development and International Studies. For the question of the week (QTW), is “Who is your favorite artist”? Her favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. Yesenia is inspired by Vincent Van Gogh artwork because it revolves around his personal life story and how he was depressed. What amazes her the most about Vincent is how his artwork was not famous when he was alive, but after his passing his artwork became famous. One artwork Vincent Van Gogh is famous for that most of us might know is called “The Starry Night”. The canvas was painted in June 1889.The artwork consists of  bright and dark hue with many pattern of swirls. The main focused of the artwork is the sky the painting expresses the bright stars in the night sky. Vincent Van Gogh was isolated from people, but he is inspired by his surrounding and expressing his emotions by painting the outside world from his point of view.I am familiar with Vincent Van Gogh work only when I see his original artwork. Thank to Yesenia I am reminded of an amazing artist and his artwork that is truly appreciated.

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“The Starry Night” – Artist: Vincent Van Gogh


Left to right: Linney Sar (me), Yesenia Hernandez